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Introduction & Historical Background

NFC is owned by Government of Pakistan and was incorporated as private limited company in August, 1973. At that time three small plants that is:

  • Pak American Fertilizers Limited, Daudkhel
  • Lyallpur Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited, Jaranwala
  • Natural Gas Fertilizer Factory

having total capacity of 306,000 m.tons were transferred to NFC by Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation.

Keeping in view the growing demand of fertilizer in the country, NFC undertook the policy of expansion and modernization of the existing plants and added the new plants in its inventory in next two decades. By these steps, NFC had managed following fertilizer plants:

  • Pakarab Fertilizers (Pvt) Limited, Multan
  • Paksaudi Fertilizers Limited, Mirpur Mathelo
  • Pak American Fertilizers Limited, Daudkhel
  • Pakchina Fertilizers Limited, Haripur
  • Hazara Phosphate Fertilizers Limited, Haripur
  • Lyallpur Chemicals & Fertilizers Limited, Jaranwala

As per privatization policy of Government of Pakistan, all manufacturing units of NFC have been privatized by the Privatization Commission.

Producing Units Product Capacity (M.Tons) Year of operations Date of Privatization
Pakarab Fertilizers, Multan UREA


Paksaudi Fertilizers, Mirpur Mathelo UREA 557,000 1980 31.05.2002
Pak-American Fertilizers, Daudkhel UREA 346,500 1999 15.07.2006
Pak-China Fertilizers, Haripur UREA 95,700 1980 25.05.1992
Lyallpur Chemicals, Jaranwala SSP (P) 72,000 1976 09.02.2007
Hazara Phosphate, Haripur SSP (G) 90,000 1990 28.11.2008

The Head Office of NFC is located at Lahore. The Corporation is administratively headed by a Chief Executive Officer who is assisted by General Managers responsible for the Finance & Accounts, Personnel & Administration, Technical & Planning and Internal Audit Departments.

NFC has its own marketing company namely National Fertilizer Marketing Limited which has an elaborate dealers network spread throughout the country. The agronomic services and advice offered by the marketing company to the farming community has played a vital role to promote and popularize the use of fertilizers in the country.

NFC acts as a holding company which directs, co-ordinates and control the group activities, lays down guide-lines for economic and technical development of the Corporation and coordinate the plans for their implementation. Apart from establishing additional fertilizer production facilities and developing distribution / marketing network, other functions of NFC are to promote / produce quality engineers through its engineering institutes.

NFC is presently operating one fertilizer marketing company namely National Fertilizer Marketing Limited, Lahore.